Tetra Tech promotes appropriate technologies to reduce agricultural losses and add value to farmer output, coupled with comprehensive business development services for agribusiness enterprises, to improve competitiveness in the local, national, regional, and global markets.

In developing countries, lack of post-harvest infrastructure and downstream processing is one of the most common constraints to developing commercial agriculture, improving food availability, and expanding off-farm employment. Development efforts to improve farm-level productivity may be undermined by poor access to crop aggregation, storage, and processing facilities, leading to severe post-harvest losses and limiting farmer access to more distant domestic or international markets.

Tetra Tech promotes competitive agribusiness models, driven by demonstrated market opportunities, linking smallholders to commercial supply chains through mutually beneficial contractual relationships. Our approach builds trust between farmers and agribusinesses by promoting outgrower schemes; advance contracting; quality-based price premiums; and delivery of embedded services, such as extension services and credit, from buyers to contract growers. To facilitate enterprise growth and sustainability, we improve the business skills of agribusiness staff, facilitate access to credit and investment, adopt internationally recognized quality standards, and introduce modern value-adding technologies and practices.

Tetra Tech’s approaches include forming public-private partnerships to leverage a combination of grant assistance, private sector matching investment, and commercial finance to introduce modern technology, mitigate risk for innovative entrepreneurs, accelerate scaling up, and showcase models for private sector replication.

By demonstrating successful agribusiness models, improving food safety, promoting international quality standards, and building progressive supply chain relationships with farmers, Tetra Tech is able to catalyze large-scale adoption by other businesses to achieve scale and sustainability. As enterprises grow, Tetra Tech supports the expansion of professional training, internships, and job placement for men, women, and youth to meet private sector demand for new off-farm jobs.

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