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sust_methodologyTetra Tech’s Sustainability Program supports our ability to deliver innovative solutions for our clients as well as our internal operations. Thus, our program is focused on the “3 Ps,” as executed and supported by Tetra Tech associates:


  • Projects – Work that we do that contributes towards reducing energy, reducing GHG emissions, promoting water conservation, and restoring resources.
  • Procurement Activities – Purchases that encourage sustainability by changing priorities, using Tetra Tech’s negotiating position to purchase more sustainable products, and influencing the vendors we use for projects and corporate resources.
  • Processes – Tetra Tech programs and policies that encourage sustainable practices such as electronic reporting and recycling programs.


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Protocol
GRI is the internationally predominant sustainability reporting protocol and provides standardized indicators for corporate sustainability plans. The Sustainability Plan Workgroup evaluated the GRI indicators to select metrics and adapt them to our company’s sustainability framework. The GRI indicators that apply to our business in a meaningful way represent ongoing activities related to Tetra Tech’s projects, procurement, and processes (the 3 Ps).

To properly make use of the GRI reporting protocol and support the claim that our report is GRI-based, Tetra Tech declares the level we have applied to the GRI Reporting Framework via the “Application Levels” system. Tetra Tech self-declares its level based on its own assessment of its report content against the criteria in the GRI application levels.

Reporting, Organization, Procedures, and Schedule
Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Program is documented electronically and provides a clear set of metrics that are aligned with corporate reporting cycles, program structure, governance, baseline information, and other pertinent information. Tetra Tech reports on our Sustainability Program on this website. The website includes metrics and explanations, baseline data, and associated external reporting and partnerships. Tetra Tech also provides examples of sustainability activities for communication to our clients and shareholders, as well as internally to all Tetra Tech associates.

Our governance documents and the metrics we track may be revised as dynamics change and evolve to meet the present and future needs of Tetra Tech’s projects, procurement, and processes.


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