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Executive Summary

sust_exec_summaryOn the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Tetra Tech formalized our Sustainability Program to champion the efforts of our associates in making our projects, procurement, and internal processes more sustainable now and into the future. Tetra Tech has long focused on providing our clients with expert sustainable solutions in water, natural resources, environment, infrastructure and, more recently, the renewable energy arena.

To support our ongoing commitment to our clients as well as to enhance our internal focus on sustainability, Tetra Tech established a Sustainability Council to help coordinate and track our sustainability program, oversee development of an annual corporate Sustainability Report, and support communication of best practices across the company. The council is made up of representatives appointed by each business group and the relevant corporate departments and is led by Tetra Tech’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Leslie Shoemaker.


Our Sustainability Program focuses on supporting Tetra Tech’s mission to be:

“A premier provider of consulting, engineering and construction services focused on water, natural resources, environment, infrastructure, and energy”


We will achieve this mission by adopting a sustainability goal of:

“Embracing sustainability in our business and operations while supporting the company in delivering excellent services to our clients, maintaining superior financial performance, and emphasizing safety in the execution of services.”


The Sustainability Program is framed around a “3P” approach – sustainability in Projects, Procurement, and internal Processes. This approach is incorporated into our Sustainability Program in terms of organization analysis and reporting. In addition, our Program is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Framework which includes three fundamental impact areas: environmental, economic, and social sustainability.


Specific metrics have been established for the company and six corporate service departments. In addition to measuring our performance against these established metrics, Tetra Tech compiles best practices from our operating units and corporate service groups by means of a Quarterly Sustainability Survey. This survey is used to identify sustainable practices that can be introduced across the company.

Selected Tetra Tech Sustainability Metrics

Metric GRI Sustainability Aspect

Overarching Corporate Metrics
Revenue Growth
Carbon Emission Reductions
Headcount Growth

Real Estate

Environmental and Economic

Information Technology


Environmental and Economic

Health and Safety


Social and Economic

Human Resources


Social and Economic

Shared Services


Environmental and Economic

Business Development Support/Communications


Environmental and Economic

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